About Us

What started as a humble landscape business in a rickety old barn has grown into the largest water garden and garden center in northwest Ohio.

Richard and Diane Giddens created Swanton’s Oak Park Landscape and Water Garden Center in 1984. Back then, the couple had two babies in tow and began to grow their business by selling shrubs, trees, and various plants to the retail public.

The landscape center then blossomed when Richard and Diane began designing water gardens and selling quality water garden and landscape supplies, as well as unique garden accessories. The business took on a different look each year with the addition of ever-changing, beautiful water garden displays, water garden plants, and exotic fish. Also added on a regular basis were water garden accessories such as statues and fountains.

Today, Oak Park Landscape and Water Garden Center is one of the most popular and successful water garden centers in the Toledo Ohio area. Oak Park has forged ahead of the competition with its commitment to quality landscape design, keen knowledge of the industry, and personal service to all customers. Oak Park makes a difference by offering rare perennials, native plants to the Oak Openings region, and unique garden accents from top area designers. The landscape center is set in a natural atmosphere along Wilkins Road in Swanton, where shoppers can enjoy the natural plants and tree-lined settings, as well as the stress-relieving water sounds.

If you enjoy gardening and would like to learn how you can enhance your gardening efforts, please stop by and visit us. We are down-to-earth, knowledgeable people who want to answer your questions and help your garden grow beautifully!