Oak Park Landscape & Water Garden Center Offers Free Design Service

Let our 30-plus years of experience in Northwest Ohio work for you in the creation of your custom landscape design project. Whether it’s a front-yard planting to help increase the value and marketability of your home, a unique water feature for your backyard oasis, or even a flower or vegetable garden, Oak Park can get the job done right. And best of all – it’s fast and free! We have the expertise, knowledge, and answers to all of your landscape design and redesign questions.

Free Design Service

Untitled-2A free professional landscape design – with just a little work from you!  It’s Simple!  Take some measurements, and some pictures, bring them in and get a design and plan to improve your landscape. You will get:

  • A landscape plan
  • Plants and Materials that will work for your situation
  • Professional Advice and tips
  • You will know: What to plant, where to Plant, and how to Plant.

WHY does Oak Park do this for free?
We want you to be successful in all your landscape projects. We know that you will choose Oak Park when you see:

  1. Our plant and product quality
  2. Competitive prices
  3. Personal and professional advice

You will choose Oak Park:

  1. For your current project
  2. Future projects
  3. Recommendations to friends and family

Helpful Links

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